09-10 Hr               Yoga

18-19 Hr               Yoga

20-21 Hr               Yoga


20-21Hr                Yoga for men


09-10 Hr                Yoga

20-21 Hr                Yoga



09-10 Hr                Slow - Yoga

18-19 Hr                Yoga 

20-21 Hr                Yoga (mixed)


09-10 Hr                Yoga        



monthly. 1xweek     :     40,00 Euro

monthly. 2xweek     :     75,00 Euro

  10x Card                    : 130,00 Euro *

Single lesson           :   60,00 Euro

* Validity: 4 month

 Cancellation up to 24 hours before

Group YOGA  with Patricia:


YOGA - normal yoga session, mixed level.

SLOW - YOGA - this yoga session is tailored exactly to the needs of the elderly or injured.  Gentle movement enhances flexibility and stability. Better blood circulation.

One to One YOGA with Patricia:


THERAPEUTIC YOGA - Slipped discs, pain in the shoulders, the back and the knees, heart  problems, etc. Through yoga the body is moved, all gentle and mindful. 

YOGA AND GRIEF - using yoga to connect again to oneself. Mindful breathing helps through this tough period. Life has changed.

INJURY RECOVERY YOGA - yoga for regeneration of injuries. The body is made complete again with the feeling of stability and balance returning. Protective postures are corrected.


in store

Beautiful yoga clothing made from natural and recycled fibers.

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We also sell clothing from athletics


handmade bags and yogamats and pareos from Nepal


beautiful gemstone bracelets

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