YOGA is uniting body, mind and soul. Creating balance through developing strength and flexibility. Each asana (yoga pose) has specific physical benefits. Perfect alignement of the pose increases stamina. With the help of yoga you can heal your body, feel and look younger, become more healthy, gain energy and manage a healthy weight.


The breathing exercises are called pranayama. Clearing the mind and bringing an extra amount of oxygene to the body. The inhale moves in form of energy, the exhale in form of toxic waste.

There are different ways to achieve meditation: relaxation, visualisation, breathing, mantras. Deep mental peace occurs by slowing down your mind.

Through medical studies it has been proven that yoga has many health related benefits.


Your private Yoga session will be an individual experience over time.

Your practice is always evolving and changing, it never gets boring. Anyone can start yoga, even if you feel not very flexible and have chronic pain or injuries.

Your one to one sessions will be tailored exactly to your needs and wishes, taking all aspects into consideration. Through an intensive exchange we will find the perfect personal practice for you.


Group classes, please give us a call to find out about our schedule. We would love to talk to you personally,

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